How to Participate and Join Mandalika Hall of Fame

How to Participate and Join Mandalika Hall of Fame

Not just a legacy, but you contribute to opening new beach tourism destinations, some of which are still pristine and hidden. It becomes your charity in increasing world sport & eco tourism and impacting the economic activities of the local community all the time from January to December.

The donation is open to anyone, be it individuals, communities or companies or brands. Both domestic and foreign (your country will also be written). You can choose any number from 1 to 114 that you like. The number represents kilometers.

The minimum donation for individual is IDR 2.500.000
The minimum donation for groups/company/brand is IDR 3.500.000

If you want to participate in Mandalika Hall of Fame, you can send your data in the following format:
No / KM:
Contact number (WA):
Donation: IDR.

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